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Perth Property Insights Strata Know-How Exchange

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Realmark are regarded as leaders in Western Australian residential and commercial real estate, we continue to grow from our commitment to put our clients first. To this end we invited experts in the field of strata management and property to share their know-how with our clients.

Our Perth Property Insights Event was hosted earlier this month and we would like to thank our clients and suppliers who joined us. The purpose of this event was to allow our clients the opportunity to learn from and engage with leading industry specialists.

The Managing Director of Realmark, John Percudani, shared his market outlook. He noted whilst there were some blips over the last 12 months, the Perth residential property sales and rental markets had reset to new levels. The commercial property market, in particular, the leasing of industrial and office space, was at high vacancy rates, the retail segment, in particular, big box retail, was positive. The next 12 months looked relatively steady, more of the same but potentially better. John was joined by a panel of experts that Realmark regularly engages with, including:

Peter Munday, Strata Titles Specialist
As someone on the front line of strata properties through his spot on commercial radio, Peter was all too familiar with the common complaints and challenges such as unapproved structures, unmaintained common property and contraventions of by-laws. He shared that it was all too common for these matters to arise due to lack of awareness of the strata plans, by-laws and strata schemes (if applicable). He encouraged all strata owners to get informed and involved.

Kristian Jeromson - Principal Inspections & Education, Asset Reports
Kristian sought to make owners of investment properties aware of the opportunity to identify items which could be depreciated across all property types, including for the strata company and individual strata owners, as well are shared recent changes in this area as a result of the Federal Budget.

Renee Betton, CHU Insurance
Renee reminded us to make sure that if we volunteer our time to be part of the strata council that we hold office bearers’ insurance. Such insurance is claims insurance and has important benefits such as coverage of defense costs and other expenses associated with responding to a claim and continuous cover.

Whilst this event was focused on providing information for strata property owners, Realmark will continue to share information with its clients across all areas of its expertise and experience in residential sales, residential property management, commercial sales & leasing and commercial property management. If you would like any further information on our strata services or any of the topics above please contact This information is general in nature and is not intended to be relied upon. Please speak to your professional advisors about advice specific and tailored to your circumstances.
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